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Custom Web Design

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This is the best deal for a web design. Most web designers are much higher. Lets get your business up & going with a good presence for your future customers.



As of now we are only using SHOPIFY for web designs.

You are responsible for any fees on Shopify. Which is your plan fees. Shopify does offer a 14 day free trial to start. 

We will offer a four x revision (We understand our clients want the best presence on there website)

1 website Banner for the (Home page)

Up to 3 images or less

Designs & Graphic work, also we freestyle if you like.

Domain Price covered in this package. We do not add products, fix shipping, or anything like that. No coding, or anything extra. Shopify has free templates to use. Lastly, we do not optimize seo, or add tags, that is your job to do. 

After payment you will receive an email within 24 hours or less, with further details. When you are ready to sign up for your plan we will either have a consultation by phone, email, or via text so we can help you with the process on signing up.

All customers are responsible giving us any kind of information we need.