Clean Up IG Following
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Clean Up IG Following

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If you want to Unfollow the accounts that you are following on your Instagram Account, but find it time consuming. That’s where my services come in at to serve you!
True fact: Instagram doesn't allow anyone to follow more than 7,500 people

So maybe you want to clean up your following, and add new faces that might be consistent with viewing, interacting, & liking your pics. Or maybe just overall need to do a little cleaning up of the list. 

You’re running a business.. Outsource the task to me, and focus on the more important things.

What info I Need from you:

  • Instagram Username
  • Password
  • Security code sent while login attempt


How it works:

After purchasing, you will be contacted to retrieve the following: Username & Password. Once attempting to access the account, Instagram will then request the security code that is sent to you the user. At that  time, the security code will be sent back to us, so that we are able to access the account and move forward


TIP - Turning off your 2-Step authentication on Instagram can sometimes help with by passing the need of a security code. Making it easier as well as more prompt for your account to be accessed and services completed.


Understand Instagram does in fact have daily limits of not only Liking and commenting, but following and unfollowing as well. Which means some orders can be completed in 1 day, while some up to 5 days. Solely depending on the volume in following of the account.


If for any reason Instagram is not allowing your account to be accessed from our end, we will issue a full refund for the complete amount of the service.

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