Counseling Chat Sessions (Online)
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Counseling Chat Sessions (Online)

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What we provide?: 


Motivational counseling

We will help people assess their strengths, set strategic goals, and take steps to achieve success. Depending on their specialties


Relationship counseling

We help improve our clients' success in dating and relationships. Through discussion, role-playing, behavior modeling, and other forms of direction.


•Mental health counseling

support positive change, helping persons in professional care to manage symptoms, build support for recovery, and work on life goals such as relationships, work, and education.




How it works:

After you purchase your choice of Session, please be advise I have no longer than 24 hours to respond. You will recieve an email regarding your online chat session. We will send you three choices of chat systems to pick to use for the session that will most fit you, and then from there we will send you further details.



How long are the sessions?

Most sessions last about 30 minutes, but we are really passionate about helping others, sometimes we have 45 minute sessions instead.

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