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         Profile pic & Instagram bio is a #1 priority!


You need a bio that will stand out. Remember there are billions of other competition using social media as there platform for there business. Rather if it's a blogger, hair stylist, make up artist, musician, and so on. Remember the goal is to drive traffic, engagement, & more followers. (Loyal ones). 


An noticeable, professional and well worded BIO will not only attract your audience, but it will also give them more of an itch to click the important links to your website, email or just boost up your following because they enjoy your content.


Please be advise that you have 150 characters to fit in your bio so lets make it look good!


What i will provide:

  • Professional Custom Bio
  • Custom Fonts + Dope Emojis
  • Add Email link


       With this deal, you get x1 extra free bio to use. (Switching up is good)


What I will need from you:

  • Your instagram page username/password
  • Your instagram page details 
  • Your (preferred) BIOs "Then ill fix it up"
  • Your email only if you haven't added yet "Your choice"


After you purchase, you will receive an email regarding the details we need above. Please be advise it will take 24 hours or less. Just keep an eye out for the email.

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