Boss Up Consultation
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Boss Up Consultation

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Want to be a business owner but just don't know what business you want to start?

Or you know what you want to do but need some ideas?

"That's where my services come in at."


Starting your journey can be very confusing and me i know. But with the Journey 2 Boss up & Consult session, I can help you with the following

  • Help with creative ideas on what business to start
  • Give tips and ideas on pursuing your current or upcoming business
  • Motivate you 
  • Creative ideas and direction enhance your business
  • Expert tips and opinions on how to scale your business
  • Coaching you on learning the ability to be confident on any business decision needed
  • How to set strict goals and holding yourself accountable
  • +Plus more.....


Who is this regarding?

This is for women who are looking to own there own business or to transition to owning there own business and eventually ready to resign there 9-5 job. You might have an idea in works already but not sure if it is worth moving forward with, or don't know if it will beneficial for you in the future. 


How long is the session?:

Two Days +30 minute follow up chat!






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